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Hope Shines Inc.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 3 Camp - Bakery, Germs and TEETH

Muraho! I'm Jessica, the Fundraising Coordinator for Hope Shines and first year volunteer! I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma, live in Denver, Colorado, and this is my first time visiting Africa!

Although I can't speak for the rest of Africa, Rwanda is amazing! I am blown away by the positive vibes here, and even more blown away by the strength and unity of the community. Also, this place is gorgeous! "Land of a thousand hills" means there are great views from literally everywhere you stand! Pictures do not do this place justice.

Day three of camp was a success! 

We started our morning with a nutrition lesson from The Women's Bakery, an education-centric social enterprise serving Rwanda and Tanzania. The lesson ended with getting to sample yummy bread from the bakery!


We then ate a well-balanced lunch, which was prepared and served by the "Camp Mamas." Each day, mothers of the children spend their morning preparing our lunches in the backyard of the Learning Centre. Every day the food is different and every day the food is DELICIOUS!


After lunch, we learned the next steps to the dance for the dance competition and, of course, practiced practiced practiced all of our moves!

In the afternoon, we had a health and hygiene lesson, which consisted of learning about how to properly wash our hands and care for our mouths. 

To teach the children the importance of washing our hands properly, we used a product called Glo Germ. One kid from each group applied the product to their hands, and then washed their hands the way they regularly do. We then used a blacklight to show them all the yuckiness that was left behind as a result of how they did not properly wash their hands. We then reviewed the correct way to wash hands: water, soap, wash thoroughly for no less than 20 seconds, rinse, dry. The kids loved the Glo Germ demonstration!


To demonstrate how to properly care for our mouths, each kid got to use a similar product to the Glo Germ, whereas they chewed a red tablet and all the yuckiness in their mouths turned bright red. Before doing so, we reviewed the correct way to brush our teeth: softly, in horizontal circles, at an angle. We also discussed the importance of brushing our tongues and gums. 


Yet another successful camp day in the books!

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