Hope Shines Inc.

Hope Shines Inc.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 2 Hope Shines Summer Camp

Greetings from the Tiger Monkey volunteer leader of Hope Shines’ Summer Camp! I’m also a first year volunteer at camp and Hope Shines’ Board member. Here’s my take on Day 2!

Our 35 campers are spending much of the day in small groups – the Sharks, Rabbits, Tiger Angels, Gorillas, Lions, and Tiger Monkeys!


The day started off with a bang, of happy campers anxious to start the day singing the ABC’s with Hannah #2’s amazing ukulele.  As part of our “Let’s Grow” camp theme, each of the groups then got to plant a bean seed in a plastic cup, so they can watch it grow into a fully fledged plant. We talked about how the water and sunlight are its food, and it will put down roots in its home which is its soil.  


Today was also SOCCER DAY!! There is a great athletic field just up the street from the Hope Shines Learning Center where we had a couple of hours on the pitch to warm up, do some passing drills (while spelling English words… pass 1 – “B”!, pass 2 – “A”, pass 3 – “L”, pass 4 – “L”), and then get into a full-on rowdy game of soccer! Watch our blog in the coming months for news on our up and coming star athletes!



After lunch we learned about first aid for cuts and burns, and ended our busy day with a little dancing  - getting ready for the dance competition on Friday…. Who will win?? The Tiger Monkeys of course!! :-)


These days are a little crazy, and the kids’ excitement grows each day. Yesterday’s quiet & shy munchkins launched a full-on 9am hug-attack at the gate this morning. What a difference a day makes! I can’t imagine how tomorrow will be … I know which 8 yr old Tiger Monkey I’ll be chasing around; but, who is going to surprise us with their courage, compassion, humor, wisdom, or dance moves? I can’t wait to see!

With love from Kigali,


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