Hope Shines Inc.

Hope Shines Inc.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Health Check Day... Final Day Before Cultural Activity

Hello all, my name is Chris Ciccarelli, leader of the Tiger Angels.

Today was the official last day of camp as we had the campers come back for medical day. 

Unfortunately Stephanie was unable to come as she is the Hope Shines medical director but we were able to get a lot of the necessary information she will need when she comes back in 2017. We checked every child's height, weight, foot size, vision, as well as diet and even screened for scoliosis. 


With close to 40 kids you can imagine it was slightly chaotic but we separated the volunteers and facilitators into sections to make the process as efficient as possible. I helped screen the children for scoliosis because I have had a history of doing the assessment on my physical therapy rotation in Haiti and even taught Jenny another volunteer how to screen the girls for scoliosis.


It was a fairly quick process in general and the kids enjoyed it because they got a few more goodies like toothpaste, floss, underwear and some even got shoes.  


Afterwards we came back to Iris where we have been staying and ate lunch before heading to the market to buy souvenirs. We went to visit a wonderful woman named Josephine who has a shop there and is a good friend of Hope Shines. The group bought a ton of bags, shirts, skirts, and shorts to take back as keepsakes.


Lastly, I just wanted to say Thank you everyone for your support of Hope Shines, it really is a great opportunity for these kids. If you think you're interested, I highly recommend coming out to Rwanda.


Chris Ciccarelli
Shenandoah University
Physical Therapy Student

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